Born 1988 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), Andrew received his first organ lessons at 12 years of age from Steve Gentile. His piano teachers include the late Roderick Teh, from whom Tessman also learned the art of accompanying, and from the late Gary Sipes. He worked many years as an organist, choir accompanist and collaborative pianist. He is also a composer, with several smaller works published in collections from Wayne Leupold Editions.

Tessman studied from 2013 to 2017 in the university and festival city of Bayreuth, Germany, where he achieved his Bachelor of Music in Künstlerisches Orgelspiel (literally translated: "Artistic Organ Playing") while studying with professors Mareile Krumbholz (born Schmidt) and Matthias Neumann, and with further piano studies with Marie-Luise Göbel. Tessman also holds two certificates from Trinity College of Music of Music, London, where he earned through examinations an ATCL Diploma (Associate Trinity College London) in Organ (Recital), and another ATCL in Collaborative Piano. During his time in Bayreuth he has played in almost every protestant and catholic church in the city, but since November 2015 he plays as the primary organist in the catholic church of Heilig Kreuz ("Holy Cross").

Although rarely in the competition spotlight, Tessman enjoys performing concerts. He organizes regular events in his church under the title of the "Heilig Kreuz Concert Series." He is often requested and invited to collaborate with other ensembles in a variety of locations and venues.

Beginning 1 December 2017, Andrew has assumed the role of organist in the Johanneskirche, part of the evangelical Lutheran church congregation of Porz (region of Cologne).

Several worthy mentions of collaborations in Bayreuth:

Robert Eller Chor

Femmes Vocales

Vogtland Philharmonie (Continuo playing)

Konsonanz à 4

Kantorei u. Kammerorchester der Stadtkirche Bayreuth

Konzertchor der HfK Bayreuth (rehearsal accompanist)

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